A messy bun is a hairstyle that can be very stylish and perfect for casual or formal occasions. However, it takes a bit of effort to make it look just right. This is especially true if you have short hair. It requires a few basic hair products. You can add volume to your bun using a comb or spray. If you want to keep your hair out of your face, you can tie it in a ponytail.

One way to achieve a stylish and effortless messy bun is to wear it without an accessory. For this look, you need to first gather the front half of your hair into a tight ponytail. Then, secure the rest of the hair with a hair tie. Alternatively, you can wrap the hair around the elastic band to create a bun.

Messy Bun

Photo by Kasia Serbin on Unsplash

There are other options, including a faux bun, that can help you get that tousled and undone look you’ve been wanting. The trick is to make sure you use the right product to give your bun the lift it needs. Using a bobby pin is a good way to secure the loose strands of hair. After you’ve secured the base of the bun with a bobby pin, you can secure it to the nape of your neck.

Another option for creating a fancy and fun messy bun is to create a loop version. This is a good choice for short hair, because it avoids the wasted length that comes with a regular bun. To make the loop, you must first secure the small ponytail with an elastic band. Once you’ve done so, you can take the ends of the hair and sweep them over the base of the loop.

Whether you’re a seasoned bun-aholic or just looking for a new hairstyle to try out, you’ll be happy you took the time to learn how to make a messy bun. Not only will you be able to look your best, but you’ll also save a lot of time. Plus, a ponytail is a great foundation for many messy buns, so you can easily redo your look as you like.

bun looking clean

Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

You can also add some extra texture to your bun by tucking stray strands of hair under the top section. You can also keep the bottom of the bun looking clean by brushing it up or using a small comb. Finally, you can keep your bun looking fresh by applying a little bit of hairspray.

While there are a number of ways to achieve a wacky, yet effective, messy bun, the most popular one is probably the aforementioned comb-and-rubber band method. But, if you’re short on time, you can still get a nice, uncomplicated hairstyle with just a few basic hair products. And while it may seem like a pain to spend a few minutes on your hair, it’s actually a very simple process. Just remember to use the right product, and you’ll be able to make a gorgeous messy bun in no time!