A four strand braid is an elegant hairstyle that looks great with any type of hairstyle. A four strand braid is also easy to make and requires no special training or skill. It is a great choice for those with medium length hair or down hair. There are several different types of 4 strand braids, all of which have the same basic premise of crossing sections of hair to create a braid.

To begin, divide your hair into four equal sections. Label each section with a number. Numbering your hair can help you remember what you are doing and avoid stepping on the wrong foot. If you are new to braiding, you can start with a pair of flat side braids or a simple pony tail. This is a good starting point and allows you to focus on the braiding itself.

divide your hair into four equal sections

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Once you’ve finished braiding your hair, you can tie it into a sleek bun or simply wrap the hair around a small hair band. Adding an accent piece like a ribbon or thin silk headband adds a pop of color to your four strand hairdo. You can even add some curls to the remaining locks if you prefer.

The trick to a smooth, clean, and well-balanced braid is to smooth out the tangles and cords. If you have thicker or curly hair, using a brush can be a great way to do this. Also, you may want to try out a hairspray. Doing so can make a 4 strand braid look more polished and sleek.

While you’re at it, consider adding a small clip-in extension to make the four strand braid stand out even more. Another fun alternative is a za’atar inspired spice mix.

Using the appropriate tools is also a key part of this style. You can use an elastic band to keep the hair in place, but you might also consider a bobby pin for added security. As with all hairstyles, you can choose to use a wide variety of techniques to finish your creation. One popular option is to wear it down the front and back of your neck, but it can also be fashioned up into a chic ponytail.

secret to this hairstyle is patience and time

Image by Aritha from Pixabay

The first step in a four strand braid is to cross over the strands in your hand. In this case, the strand is blue, but you can choose any color that looks best with your hair. For example, if you have yellow, cross over that strand.

The trick is to alternate between crossing over and under strands. In this particular example, you’ll see the blue strand crossing over the pink and yellow strands. By doing this, you can get the full effect of crossing over and under and end up with a braid that looks more like a flower than a hairdo.

The secret to this hairstyle is patience and time. It might take a few tries to master this braid, but it’s worth the effort.